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For me the West Highland Way and the lore behind running the length of it have always been there. A friend's Dad ran it in a very early incarnation and I tagged along to add some support without any appreciation of what was about to happen or what it was all about.
I've checked the dates and it was probably one of the first where the idea was that a few like minded souls met at stupid o' clock and tried their luck against the Way. The origins of the race date to 1985 when Duncan Watson challenged Bobby Shields to race the 95mile route. After racing for over 60miles and in an act of respect and probably survival they decided to run the rest of the distance together.
I wasn't even a runner back then, so many bad habits precluded any sort of exercise and then I was.. A runner.
Events piled up and I was once again aware and then fascinated by this ridiculous race. Even having decided to do it and having secured a place for 2015 the sheer scale of the enterprise blows my mind.
Finishing is not guaranteed, My friends' Dad never made it, all I can do is train hard and get to the start line. 1am June 20th 2015.