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Leaflet no. 1: Arab-Israeli war 1967

I found this fragile, yellowed paper in my late father's office among photographs of his childhood and notebooks from his teenage years. For me, it encapsulates both the memory and life of my father, as well as the Arab/Israeli conflict. Even though Egyptians of my generation have not been through the conflict (it ended in 1973), it remains highly defining of our sense as Egyptians.

In 1967 my father was 32 years old, a graduate of law, and involved in politics and activism. I recall that many years before his death he told me that he was distributing this and other leaflets to mobilise the public in the war with Israel. People genuinely believed in the promise of pan-Arab unity, and only after defeat in the 1967 war did they come to realise that it was all an illusion.

The leaflet translates:

Leaflet number (1)
Truth & Power & Arabism

From the year 1956 to the year 1967

1. In the year 1956 Eden, Mollet, and Ben Gurion tried to attack Egypt, and Egypt emerged victorious and the aggressors suffered a political death.

2. And in the year 1967 America's Johnson, England's Wilson, and Israel's Ashkol are threatening to attack the lands of the Arabs. And their fate will be the same as those who came before them.

Victory to the Arabs ... and God is with us.

(Attar press, Faqqous)