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A ribbon and flying nun

Many years ago, I worked as a bartender. I became very close friends with a co-worker, KB. She was my first friend in a town where I knew no one, and took me to my first concert since I made the move, as well. The night of the concert, she told me to promise not to tell anyone at work only seconds before she took off her bra under her shirt and threw it on stage, then promptly chugged her beer. That was a pretty great night.

To pass time at the bar, I would bring games, such as "Nun-Chucks"-small plastic flying nuns which would be shot out of hand-held catapults- for KB and I to play.

One day, KB tied this ribbon to my guitar, and it has not left its place since.

Four years ago, KB took her own life. The ribbon and flying nun remain attached to my guitar as my own personal memorial to her.