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Carnation of Support

I'm a man of important shit, frankly speaking. I have a lot of craps which lie about my place. They are all important to me,but this one is very special.
I must admit that I used to dislike 'Where the wild roses grow' because in my country for most of the people it is a song from which Nick Cave is known for and it tends to be played irritatingly often. But when I got really interested in his music, I found a video from 1996. He signs with Blixa and they are totally amazing. And I love their expression! And Blixa's face when Nick comes with the red carnation...
I know a girl. Very special girl, who is a cat and loves foxes. And we became important to each other. I don't like big words-and our story is too long-but I care about Ev and she cares about me, she even quotes Joan from 'The Imitation Game: 'Because I care for you. And you care for me. And we understand one another more than anyone else ever has.'
And I started to show Ev my world-world of books,movies and music. And I was really happy that she enjoys Nick's music. And she likes the very version of the song mentioned that I do. Someday we were joking about the video and I said my wish to be given the red carnation (fat chance, cause no one gave me the flower before).
On 14th February 2015 I was writing competition for people interested in literature and my mother tongue. And during the break between exhausting and complicated parts Ev walked in and gave me really huge red carnation with special Valentine Card (I hate this day and all the stuff connected, to be honest). But when I saw her standing there and smiling to me I was really moved despite being little cynic.
Now the carnation is withering and my Mum's said that I should throw it. But she also understands how many happiness and understanding this modest flower conjures up so she has said that I should take some photos.
So here is the carnation and here are my warm feelings to Ev.
PS I won't throw it! I've just pust it to little box and I don't care whether it is blooming or rotten. This is special gift from special person.