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  1. We want you to submit, share, browse and curate Items. There are no restrictions to what an Item is – be creative. Take a photograph of it and tell us in your own words the story behind why it’s important to you. However, it must be safe for others to view or read about. If you see an Item that is obviously inappropriate, please let us know using the “Report” button. Further details can be found in our Terms of Use. Please use discretion, common sense and respect your fellow contributors.
  2. To submit to the Museum you will need a Twitter account. Simply log in to the Museum with your Twitter account details. Please rest assured we will not post to your account without your prior consent. Your Twitter name and avatar image will be displayed publicly with your Item and any Collection you create but we will not share or publish any other details from your Twitter account without your consent. We only use the Twitter platform to enable you to easily interact with the Museum without having to go through a separate registration process.
  3. You can submit as many Item(s) as you wish to the Museum. You can categorise your Item with tags from the Museum’s customised selection of labels.
  4. We encourage you to share your Item(s) or those of others that appeal to you, on Twitter.
  5. You can curate one Collection within the Museum, grouping together a maximum of twenty Items which can be your own Items or other people's Items, or a mixture, to create your own exhibition. Please consider others when adding their Item to your Collection. Imagine how you would feel if it was the other way around.
  6. Other people can curate your Item(s) and add them to their Collection. If you see an Item or Collection that you feel is offensive or not in keeping with the ethos of the Museum, you can report it by clicking the “Report” button. Further details can be found in our Terms of Use.
  7. Items that infringe copyright will have to be removed. If someone has infringed your own creative copyright, please let us know using the “Report” button. Further details can be found in our Terms of Use.
  8. Please submit your Item(s) on the basis that the Museum is potentially permanent and can be seen by anyone. If you wouldn't feel happy with a certain someone seeing your Item(s), or with your Item(s) being seen a year or two from now, be careful about what you post. Please note that your Item(s) and Collection are public and will appear in search results both on the Museum but also in public search engine results and they will be associated with your Twitter identity. You acknowledge that even if you delete your Item(s) or mark your Collection as “private your Item(s) and/or Collection may still appear in internet search results.
  9. Please note we reserve to the right to, at any time, close or limit the functionality of the Museum.
  10. You retain ownership and copyright of your own Item(s), but we may showcase or quote them to illustrate the Museum project on or other media. Please see the Terms of Use for more information about the rights that you grant us (and parties authorised by us) to use your Item(s).

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House Rules

  1. Remember your contributions (including your Item(s) and any descriptions you submit to your Collection) will be available to other users to view, so don't post anything in the Museum you wouldn't want everyone to see.
  2. You must not reveal any private information about yourself or anyone else, for example, contact information such as telephone numbers or email addresses.
  3. It is important to respect people's privacy, so make sure you have the consent of identifiable people you might want to feature in your contributions. Do not feature anyone who is under the age of 16 (at the date of submitting the Item) without their parent or guardian’s consent.
  4. Your contributions must be your own work and not copied from anyone else. You must not include anything in your contribution that infringes the intellectual property rights of any other person eg. make sure the image you submit is your own image and doesn’t feature Items or other material that are/is protected by copyright works such as (by way of examples only) album or book covers, scenes from films, posters etc.
  5. Please don't contribute any Items or other material that are/is obscene, indecent, harassing, threatening or offensive or that promote cruelty, violence, vandalism, fraudulent or criminal acts or contain content that could encourage others to commit illegal acts or acts that could cause physical harm if replicated.
  6. Do not post any commercial messages in your contributions. The Museum is for your personal non-commercial use only.
  7. Please do not include any links to other websites in your contribution. We do not endorse links to anyone else's website. Please remember that we have no control over what is on someone else's website.
  8. Please don't write defamatory or disparaging things about people or companies , and don't mention any court cases or arrests as this may constitute a contempt of court.
  9. Please remember that you are responsible for (i) your use of the Museum, (ii) all contributions you provide to the Museum and (iii) any consequences arising as a result of your use/contributions, including use by us, those authorised by us, and use by other users of the Museum. If you do not have the rights to submit your contributions it may subject you to liability.
  10. Please note we may update these House Rules from time to time so please check back regularly to ensure that you are complying with them.

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  1. How do I begin using the Museum of Important Shit?
    Anyone can browse the Museum and look at Items and Collections. If you’d like to contribute an Item of your own, you will need a Twitter account, a photograph of the Item and your written explanation of the significance of the Item. You can also group Items in the Museum into a Collection based on your own interests. Simply follow the Museum’s onscreen prompts to upload and publish your Items or Collection.
  2. I’d like to upload an Item but I’m worried about copyright – what is and isn’t allowed?
    Copyright is designed to protect creators against intellectual property theft. So don’t pass somebody else’s work off as your own. If something is important to you, think about how you can best represent its place in your life without using an image of or from it. Maybe you have an old cinema ticket stub from the first time you saw that film? Please be as creative and individual as possible (see the House Rules for more information on what is and isn’t allowed on the Museum).
  3. Why has my Item vanished?
    If your Item has vanished from the Museum, it may be because it was reported and found to be in violation of our House Rules. Click here to find out more about what is and isn’t allowed by reading our House Rules.
  4. How do I report Items in the Museum that I believe violate my intellectual property rights and/or copyright?
    You can click the “Report” button on any Item which you think violates your copyright and we will investigate. Further details can be found in our Terms of Use.
  5. How do I report inappropriate, offensive, or other prohibited content?
    You can click the “Report” button on any Item or Collection which you find inappropriate, offensive or that contravenes the House Rules in any way, and we will investigate. Further details can be found in our Terms of Use.
  6. How do I upload an Item?
    Simply click the “Submit” button and follow the prompts to upload your picture and text explaining why the Item matters to you. The Museum will ask you to tag your Item, so that people can see at a glance what it is about and easily view other Items in this tag category. Tag categories include things like ‘Childhood Memories’, ‘Obsessions’, ‘Tokens Of Love’ and many more.
  7. How do I create/curate a Collection?
    Click the + button on any Item to add it to your Collection. As soon as you add something, you’ve created a Collection. Edit the name and description for your Collection and add more items. The final step is publishing your Collection, so that other people can see it. You can then continue to add Item(s) to your Collection, up to a maximum of twenty Items. You can only create one Collection.
  8. Can I delete an Item?
    You can easily delete your own Item(s) by clicking the trash can icon, though you acknowledge that it may still appear within internet search engine results. If someone else has uploaded an Item you believe breaches the Terms of Use of the Museum, the Guidelines or the House Rules please click Report and tell us why you want the Item removed. Further details can be found in our Terms of Use.
  9. Can I delete a Collection?
    You can’t delete your Collection but you can remove Item(s) and change its status from “Publish” to “Private” so it’s no longer visible on the Museum, though you acknowledge it may still appear within search engine results. If someone else has created a Collection you believe breaches the Terms of Use of the Museum, the Guidelines or the House Rules, please click Report and tell us why. Further details can be found in our Terms of Use.

If you are experiencing any problems with this website please contact us via our Contact Form

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